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May 18, 2011


1. Cesar Chavez's Ship Squabble: 5 Navy Naming Controversies
As the U.S. Navy reportedly plans to name a ship the USNS Cesar Chavez, critics were none too pleased. See five Navy naming controversies.

2. Cesar Chavez's Ship Squabble: 5 Navy Naming Controversies
"I've said it many times the only way we're going to get this accomplished is face-to-face dialogue and really digging into the issues and I think we had a good step in that direction today." â€" JEFF PASH, the NFL's lead negotiator after mediations between the NFL owners and its players finished up for the [...]

3. Speedy Soccer Moms: Ferrari Hatchback Hitting the Market
One of the world's most iconic sports car makers has taken a turn for the family-friendly and made a hatchback. After German car maker Porsche came out with the Panamera, Ferrari ended up designing a sports car with family in mind. The Ferrari FF â€" which stands for "four seats, four-wheel drive," sells for $300,000. [...]

4. Why You Can't Get a Medium-Rare Burger in North Carolina
No raw meat for you! That's the current rule for restaurant patrons in North Carolina. In an effort to make sure everyone knows the proper way to kill all possible bacteria, the state has regulated for over a decade now that restaurants can't serve beef rare or medium rare. But is Big Brother going to [...]

5. Yale Suspends Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity After Sexist Chants
The Ivy League school is under fire after a fraternity's new members allegedly chanted phrases relating to sex acts and other obscenities against women, while marching across the campus in October. The school said that the fraternity, Delta Kappa Epsilon, had “threatened and intimidated others.” Videos of the chants, which included cheers like “No Means [...]

6. 'Poetry, Not Predictions': Religious Leaders Weigh In on Judgment-Day Frenzy
Harold Camping's judgment day prediction has garnered quite a following, butâ€" believe it or not â€" there are competing perspectives on the doomsday drama. Take a look at what some other spiritual scholars say about the May 21st theory. (MORE: See how May 21 was calculated to be judgment day) Presbyterian minister Ben Daniel thinks [...]

7. Wednesday Words: Why Dominique Strauss-Kahn Is a 'Chaud Lapin' and More
Welcome to NewsFeed's weekly highlight of the vocabulary of our lives â€" including useful, new, hilarious and surprising words (as well as some that are just fun to roll off the old tongue). Most semi-horrifying term used in the news: self-driving car This week's news highlighted Google's lobbying efforts in Nevada, where the tech giant [...]

8. Iowa High School to Send Automated Wake-Up Calls to Tardy Students
There's nothing more pleasing to a 15-year-old than a 6:30 a.m. wake-up call. And this one comes straight from their high school. Have trouble getting up and at &#8216;em? Around 250 students at Marshalltown High School, in Marshalltown, Iowa, will be getting a nice little reminder bright and early each morning. Maybe students will thank [...]

9. Area 51 as Cold-War Espionage: Believable or Conspiracy Theory?
Journalist Annie Jacobsen has shocked even the most devoted conspiracy theorists with claims regarding a U.S. military installation in the Nevada desert, known as Area 51. The base, which is 75 miles north of Las Vegas, has been discussed for decades because of the government's secrecy regarding what exactly goes on there. What really crashed [...]

10. Reading While Eating for May 18: Stars of Screen and Stage
Go behind the scenes and learn about some entertainers in today's links. Who was Osama Watching? Porn stars want to know if they were part of bin Laden's collection. (AOL News) Wonka-Reunion: See the original cast members of Willy Wonka &#38; The Chocolate Factory reunite. (The Daily What) Snoop on Sheen: Snoop defends his collaboration [...]


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