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May 23, 2011


1. Album Review: Is Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' as Interesting as Her Outfits?
Pop music is like junk food. It's not very substantive, but when you're in the right mood, there's absolutely nothing more appetizing. Over the past three years, Lady Gaga's combination of costumes, performance art and claw-heavy dance moves (not to mention her tendency to play classical piano while wearing a leather bikini) have helped her [...]

2. Album Review: Is Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' as Interesting as Her Outfits?
For the finale of what has been a fairly lackluster 36th season of Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels and this year's troupe of not quite ready for prime time players chose two superstars, Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga, to take us into summer. Timberlake, hosting the show for the fourth time, is a known quantity, [...]

3. How You Can Help the Victims of the Tornado in Joplin, Mo.
In Missouri, triage centers and shelters have been set up around Joplin, where over 85 people have been killed, and emergency officials have been rushing around trying to clear the way for search and rescue operations. But you don't necessarily have to be in Missouri to give a hand. Here are some ways you can [...]

4. Four Things To Know About This Season's 'Bachelorette,' Ashley Herbert
It's that time again: The new Bachelorette is here. We said, the new Bachelorette is here! Okay, so it might not be that exciting for some of you (this is, after all, the 128th season or so), but for the rest of us who aren't as cynical as all get out, this clearly means the [...]

5. From TIME's Archives: Dylan Through the Decades
Bob Dylan's first mention in TIME was a 1962 article that provided a snapshot of the young artist trying to make a name for himself on the New York folk scene. As the musician turns 70, here's a look at TIME's portrayal of the ever-changing icon through his storied career. First TIME mention of Bob [...]

6. Want a Federal Government-Approved Baby Name? There's an App for That
If you need baby-naming help, shove aside those endless books and websites. Now you can get your options served up by a faceless government organization. The Social Security Administration wants to help name your little Junior. Testing the waters of the app building world, the SSA â€" the government bureau that's responsible for Social Security [...]

7. Princess Beatrice's 'Toilet Seat' Hat Sells for Over $130,000
It was the most talked about accessory at last month's royal wedding. And no, NewsFeed isn't referring to Pippa Middleton's derriere.  The infamous hat worn by Princess Beatrice at her cousin Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal nuptials has been sold on eBay for $131,648 Sunday night. With 40 bidders pining for the iconic mad [...]

8. Frightening Video: Tornado Rocks Joplin, Missouri, Killing Almost 100
Despite the darkness in this video, the noise of everything breaking, terrified people screeching and children crying are sufficient to portray just how frightening and out of control the tornado that ripped through the Missouri city of Joplin was. The tornado has reportedly killed more than 85 people and the death toll is rising. The [...]

9. Reading While Eating for May 23: Silly Songs
Today's links offer a tribute to tunes and those who sing them. Parenthetical Charm: Check out this list of 169 songs with parenthetical titles. (The Awl) iCat: Let your feline friend test out the iPad. (Buzz Feed) Apo-confession: Hear the story of someone who believed a rapture theory. (Salon) Bieber Fever: See pictures of tween [...]

10. Harold Camping 'Flabbergasted' That It Wasn't the End of the World as We Know It
Know anyone who was Raptured on Saturday? Yeah, neither do we.  So what does Harold Camping â€"the 89-year-old, multimillionaire Family Radio preacher who was certain that the Judgment Day would happen at 6 p.m. on May 21, 2011 â€" have to say in the wake of the non-Rapture? (LIST: 1000 Or So Things To Do [...]


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