Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NYC to Text Emergency Alerts | Are Donald Trump's Presidential Hopes Dashed?

TUESDAY, MAY 10, 2011
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The Donald

Is Donald Trump Done?

According to one pollster, he's fallen from first to fifth in just a month.

Party Chat

The ASME Awards: ‘No Offense, But Now I Understand Why None of You Guys Went Into Television’

Last night was magazine-town's big night out.

Banksta Rap

Former Loan Officer Turns to Rap: ‘Greed Is Good’

"We white collar bankers refuse to work at Target/So here we are rapping in the music market."

Photo Op

Hillary Clinton Replaced by the Lost Smoke Monster in Hasidic Newspaper

Or it could just be a really bad Photoshop job.

Stand Clear of the Closing Doors

Naked Man Tries to Top All Recent Subway Freak-out Videos

And, unsurprisingly, he succeeds.

Osama Bin Killed

Insight From Osama Bin Laden’s Matchmaker

He says Bin Laden's wife never caused trouble.

Party Chat

Kathleen Parker’s Next Book Will be Called Shoot the Bastards

Which bastards, exactly?

Early and Often

Things We Learned About Callista Gingrich

She bowled a 200.

It's a Mosque

Buffalo Area Man Sticks ‘Bomb Making, Next Driveway,’ Sign Into Front Lawn

Guess what's next door?

Early and Awkward

Mitch Daniels’s Weird Marriage History Is the Only Thing Stopping Him From Running for President

His wife left him, remarried, and then returned.


New York Will Be the First City in the Country to Text Emergency Alerts

Texts from Barry.

Metaphorical Ceilings

John Boehner Demands Trillions in Cuts for Raising Debt Ceiling

And no new taxes. Is this feasible?

Post-Modern Love

The Birth Control Pill Hasn’t Done Lumberjacks Any Favors

The pill makes "less-masculine men seem more attractive."

Osama Bin Killed

Pakistan Might Let the U.S. Interview Bin Laden's Wives

This won't help convince Pakistani citizens that we're not in cahoots.

The Schwarzeneggers

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver Separate

After 25 years of marriage.



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