Monday, May 9, 2011

 Phones with Fantastic Battery Life; Our Biggest Tech Peeves; Sony Delays Switching On PlayStation Network, Again

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By Lance Ulanoff
May 9, 2011

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Phones with Fantastic Battery Life

A phone with a dead battery, even the most tricked out one with
4G, a huge, brilliant screen and every feature imaginable, is
nothing but a useless, dead brick. I use many tricks to lengthen
the life of my cell-phone battery, but what I really want is a
phone with a battery that lasts and lasts and lasts. This PCMag
list promises 11 phones that do just that.

Our Biggest Tech Peeves

Our crack labs team loves technology, but every once in a while
they just have to vent. You see, tech is far from perfect and
the people who use tech, well, they're not perfect either. This
list looks at bad style, port issues, forgotten USB sticks and a
host of other annoyances. It's an entertaining list and, as an
extra bonus, many of the images feature actual labs analysts.

Federal Court Rules that One Minute of Adult Material Could Get
You Canned

One teacher, one computer and less than two minutes of looking
at exactly the wrong stuff on line resulted in a dismissal and,
now, a court upholding said dismissal. What does this mean for
you? Read ExtremeTech's report to learn all the details.

Sony Delays Switching On PlayStation Network, Again

Is it on or is it off? This seems to be the biggest and most
persistent question today when people talk about the addled Sony
PlayStation Network. Sony's being very careful about bringing
back the network that suffered one of the worst data security
breaches in history. explains what's going on.

Google Testing New Search Results Page

Just in time for Google I/O *(Google's big developers'
conference), which I'm heading out to today, Google appears to
be testing a new, stripped down search results page. This may be
a primer for what's to come, or simply a test that was never
supposed to see the light of day, I suspect we'll learn the
truth over the next two days.

Google I/O: What to Expect

Speaking of Google I/O, here's some of what I think you'll
be hearing about at the big, west-coast-based developer event.
I'm thinking TV, music, operating systems, hardware,
search changes and much, much more.

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-- Lance Ulanoff

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