Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Protect your Digital Life with IDrive Online Backup

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--- Protect your Digital Life with IDrive Online Backup ---
Protecting your digital life - one PC, Mac, iPhone,
Blackberry and Android at a time.

5GB free for life.

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Simplicity redefined!
Just two clicks* and your PC or Mac is being protected by the
world's best online backup. Provide an added protection by
backing up your Mac's Time Machine data.
Link: http://enews.pcmag.com/u.d?x4Gm3mtW1HSrT78O8iV-7=890

Quick and efficient backup
Compressed data transfer and incremental backups optimize
bandwidth usage and speeds up backup.
Link: http://enews.pcmag.com/u.d?m4Gm3mtW1HSrT78O8iV_E=900

Secure and all locked up
Military-grade encryption keeps your data safe when in
transit and when stored at our world-class data centers.
Link: http://enews.pcmag.com/u.d?14Gm3mtW1HSrT78O8iV_B=910

What about my mobile device?
Access, view and share your files anywhere with IDrive
for iPhone app.
Link: http://enews.pcmag.com/u.d?5YGm3mtW1HSrT78O8iV_K=920

Also backup and restore your iPhone, Android or Blackberry
contacts with IDrive Lite.
Link: http://enews.pcmag.com/u.d?vYGm3mtW1HSrT78O8iV_X=930

24x7 Support even for free 5 GB users

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