Wednesday, May 18, 2011

 Sony's Stringer Calls PlayStation Network Meltdown a 'Hiccup,' New Nook Launching Soon, NetFlix Now Biggest In

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By Dan Costa
May 18, 2011

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Sony's Stringer Calls PlayStation Network Meltdown a 'Hiccup'

You have got to love the British. So Sony's network melted down,
compromising the personal information of millions of users and
costing its software partners millions in lost revenue. So it
took a month to get it back online. A "hiccup." Now, I grant
you, Sony's Chairman Howard Stringer had a tough hand to play,
but if this is a hiccup, I would hate to see a sneeze.

Facebook Security: You're the Problem

PCMag's Editor-in-Chief Lance Ulanoff has looked deeply into
Facebook security policies and vulnerabilities and has found the
problem: you. Don't blame Facebook's share-first architecture or
inability to control malicious app developers. Lance says the
problem is you can't keep yourself from clicking on links
teasing financial windfalls or other more salacious rewards. Not
sure I am with him on this, the entire service is designed to
encourage people to share and click, if doing so unexpectedly
spams your entire contact list, that is a design problem not
just user error. Anyway, there is a comments section for a
reason. Chime in and let him know what you think.

Barnes & Noble Launching New Nook May 24?

Barnes & Noble hasn't exactly confirmed it, but according to a
recent 10K filing it will be announcing an e-reader device on
May 24. Combine that with the fact that I just got an invite for
an event, on the 24th, and think a new Nook is a pretty good
bet. Question is, will it be a new version of the Nook Color, or
a full-fledged Android Tablet. Mark Hachman has his own read on
the situation.

Microsoft: One Out of 14 Downloads Is Malware

Microsoft is touting the SmartScreen Application Reputation
feature built into IE9 with a scary stat: one out of every 14
downloads online is malware. Although the feature is only
available to IE9 users, the company says it has already blocked
1.5 Billion malware downloads. Makes you wonder what Firefox and
Chrome numbers look like. And that is exactly why Microsoft
publishes reports like this.

Report: Netflix Is Largest Source of Internet Traffic in North

Bittorrent is no longer the biggest source of Internet traffic,
but entertainment companies have no reason to be happy about
that. It has been replaced by Netflix, the subscription Internet
streaming company. This is huge news because it shows how
Netflix is re-shaping primetime TV, consumer habits, and
disrupting the entire entertainment industry. Right now, Netflix
is being used by 28% of the U.S. population. What happens when
that number grows? PCMag's Leslie Horn has more details.

Understanding Firefox's New Release Channels

FireFox 5 is out. Or is it in Beta? Or is it Alpha? It isn't
easy to decode the varying availability of open source software--
developers need access to early code to tweak and troubleshoot.
Inevitably, geeks grab copies as well. Chrome is the same way.
Let this story on ExtremeTech serve as your primer on the
channels, so you will know just how baked you browser is before
you start cruising the Web with it.

$10 million X Prize Offered for Medical Tricorder

Wouldn't it be cool if we could scan our bodies like they do in
StarTrek and instantly know what was wrong. Well, the X Prize
Foundation and Qualcomm are going to put $10 million down to
develop just that. Just what exactly this mythical scanning
device will detect, measure, or access is unknown, but $10 mil
should be enough to get the conversation started, make no Bones
about that.

That is What's New Now for today, Lance will be back on Friday.
Dan Costa
Executive Editor,
Twitter: @dancosta

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