Monday, May 16, 2011

Trump Not Running for President | The Hipster Houseboats of the Gowanus Canal

MONDAY, MAY 16, 2011
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Sex Diaries

The 31-Year-Old Meeting the Parents of Her Insecure Boyfriend

This week's sex diarist has a couple of problems.

Ripped From the Headlines

IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn Denied Bail, Will Face a Grand Jury on May 20

Prosecutors are looking into similar previous allegations.


John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Global Financial Fallout of DSK Arrest

It's bad news for Europe's floundering Southern countries.

Neighborhood News

Union Square Is a ‘Lawless City Within a City’

Apparently, it's worse than ever out on 14th Street.

The Donald


Sorry, we have to sit down for a second.

Neighborhood News

The Hipster Houseboats of the Gowanus Canal [Updated]

A Gowanus houseboat is the new Williamsburg loft.

Equal Rites

Pastor at Ruben Diaz/NOM Anti-Gay-Marriage-Rally: ‘Those Who Practice Such Things Are Worthy of Death’

But "this is not about hate."

School Daze

Liberal Arts Degrees Probably Aren’t Worth the Student Debt

Sorry, ethnomusicologists!


CNN Anchor Don Lemon, Phoenix Suns President Rick Welts Come Out of the Closet

Big day for gay people in traditionally closeted fields.

Important Ceilings

That Thud You’re About to Hear Is the U.S. Hitting the Debt Ceiling

Not to worry, Geithner is tapping U.S. pension funds.


Tens of Thousands Gather for Space Shuttle Endeavor Launch

Including Gabby Giffords!

Closing Time

Nasdaq No Match for the Germans in Bid for New York Stock Exchange

Good news for Deutsche Börse AG.

Sound of Da Police

NYPD’s 911 Response Time Is Slower Now Than in 2007

On average it now takes the NYPD 8.4 minutes to respond to a 911 call.

Ripped from the Headlines

Another Alleged Sexual Assault Victim Comes Forward Against IMF Chief Dominique Strauss–Kahn

"I mentioned the word 'rape' to make him afraid, but it didn't have any effect."

The Heartland

Culture Clashes Continue in the Once Quiet Town of Wasilla

"Bohemian Rhapsody" caused a rift throughout town.



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