Friday, May 6, 2011

Vulture's Loud Summer Action Movie Flow Chart | Star Market: John Krasinski | Chris Marker


Charlie Sheen Wishes Two and a Half Men Had Ended in Suicide

"With a note saying, 'How do you like me now, Chuck?'"

The Wretched Something Borrowed and the Merely Bad Jumping the Broom

You either get a maddening plot or an unfunny one: Take your pick!

Wes Bentley Dissects The Hunger Games: ‘It Echoes 1984, Ayn Rand’

"I'm very excited to be a part of it. I loved the first book."

Stage Dive: Things to See Before You Die This Weekend

Start with Derek Jacobi's Lear.

Let’s Overanalyze the Timing of Lady Gaga’s Next Single

Is it suspect that a new Gaga single is dropping so soon after "Judas"?


Robin Williams stars in the acclaimed Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo. The lives of two American marines and an Iraqi translator are forever changed by an encounter with a quick-witted tiger who haunts the streets of Baghdad. The New York Times raves, "A majestic, visionary and savagely funny new work."

The Star Market: Could Movie Hopeful John Krasinski Be the Next George Clooney?

"He's the ideal combo: the guy you want to hang out with and sleep with," says one insider.

Keanu Reeves Is Latest to Consider Warner Bros.' Pricey Akira

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. searches for someone to share the cost of this pricey blockbuster.

Vulture Flow Chart: Which Loud Summer Action Movie Is Right for You?

Do you like your heroes drunk and weird or preposterously beefy? What kind of jewelry do they wear? We can help steer you to the right film.

Party Lines Slideshow: Chris Hemsworth, Kenneth Branagh, Chord Overstreet, and More at a Screening of Thor

Find out what Hemsworth thinks of his insane biceps.

Vulture Premieres the Poster for Miranda July’s The Future

Check it out!

American Idol Recap: Tears and Omelette Making, Not Necessarily in That Order

Maybe I should have asked this before, but are we supposed to like Ryan Seacrest?

Movie Review: The Trippy, Tacky, Monumental Thor

It's like the most stoned dinner-theater production of 'The Ring of the Nibelungs' you’ll ever be lucky enough to ogle.

Nicki Minaj Invents Glow-in-the-Dark Lap Dancing

See her new video, for "Super Bass."

Theater Review: The Dazzling, Dizzying Tangle of Tony Kushner’s The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Capitalism and Socialism With a Key to the Scriptures

We’re overwhelmed, yet at the same time strangely quarantined from the action.

Party Lines Slideshow: Bobby Cannavale, John Larroquette, Andrew Rannells, and More at the Tony Nominees Press Reception

Broadway stars in their glory.

Fucked Up Make ‘Rock Opera About a Guy Who Works at a Light Bulb Factory’ Sound Like a Great Idea

Hear their latest, "Queen of Hearts."

A Breakdown of Something Borrowed for Rom-Com Purists

Choreographed dance scenes and declarations of love in the rain!


Chris Marker


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