Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Which Secret Children Were Secret the Longest? | Media's New 'Dude' Editors

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Early and Awkward

Peter King Will Run for President If He Doesn’t Have to Do Anything

"I'm not going to campaign," he says, but he might be interested.

Love Child

Which Politicians Kept Their Secret Children Secret the Longest?

From our Founding Fathers to our robot governors, it could be just months or entire centuries.

Good Things Happening to People We Like

Leighton Meester Spotted Out on a Date With Justin Long

Hm. That sounds nice.

Photo Op

Somehow, This Turned Out Okay

A jilted bride in China jumped out of a window — and was caught.

Cable News News

Joe Scarborough Loses It Over Confrontational Newt Gingrich Video

The giggles have infected 'Morning Joe.'

Bossy Glossies

Media, These Are Your ‘Dudes’

Adam Rapoport, Hugo Lindgren, and Josh Tyrangiel. That's the best we can do.

Good Ship Galleon

Paying Jury Consultants $300,000 Won’t Necessarily Keep You Out of Jail

$300,000 to a jury consultancy from Ronkonkoma.

Photo Op

The Woman Was 4 Months Old When William McKinley Was Elected President

The world has a new oldest person.

The Future Is Coming

Foxconn Workers in China Demonstrate Hot New Trend of Planking

For macabre purposes.

Everything They Touch Turns to Goldman

While You Were Worrying About the Tech Bubble, Wall Street Went to China

Morgan Stanley joins Goldman Sachs in China.

Crazy in Arizona

Gabrielle Giffords Is Getting Her Skull Back Today

Another encouraging step in her recovery.

Early and Awkward

Neither Jews Nor Koreans Voted for Dan Adler

The "I'm Korean!" candidate got 285 votes.

There Will Be Blood

Republicans Take Popular Stand: Protecting Oil Subsidies

The bill fails, but it was unconstitutional anyway.


We Found Another Planet That’s Capable of Supporting Human Life

That's good to know for when we've finally used this one up.

Eye of Newt

Newt Gingrich’s Terrible Day Topped Off With an Unprovoked Glitter Attack

Watch the video.



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