Monday, May 16, 2011

Why HDMI Cable Brands Don't Matter; 10 Unreleased Video Game Consoles; Five Ways to Break the Internet

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By Lance Ulanoff
May 16, 2011
Why HDMI Cable Brands Don't Matter; 10 Fascinating,
Unreleased Video Game Consoles; Five Ways to Break the
Internet; Android Samsung Galaxy 10.1 is No iPad Killer
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Why HDMI Cable Brands Don't Matter

Let me tell you why I love this story. It confirms
something I have long suspected: You will have just as
good an HDTV picture with a $10 HDMI cable as you would
with an $85 one. We've done the tests and we have the
proof. Click the link to learn and start saving some

10 Fascinating, Unreleased Video Game Consoles

Not every great or interesting technology idea makes it
to market, but they nevertheless often leave their mark.
Sometimes it's an image or a working prototype, or simply
a whisper that refuses to die. Whatever it is, something
survives for us to look back on and wonder at what might
have been. Here are never-launched ideas from Sega, Atari
and others.

Five Ways to Break the Internet

The Royal Wedding probably stressed the Internet, but it
did not break. Our new west coast reporter got to
wondering about what could bring the world's
communication and information backbone to its knees.
He has a few ideas. They're not all as crazy as they

Neurowear: a Fancy term for brain-controlled cat ears

Brain-controlled technology is nothing new, but I doubt
you've ever seen an application quite like this. These
cat ears move depending on your brain activity. Why would
you wear them? I have no idea, but it's certainly
fascinating to consider.

Android Samsung Galaxy 10.1 is No iPad Killer

I got to spend some quality time with the eagerly-
anticipated 10.1-inch version of the Samsung Galaxy. It's
pretty good, but I still wouldn't give up my iPad for it.
Read my thoughts to find out why.

Report: New Apple iMac Has a Meltdown If You Replace or
Upgrade the Hard Drive

Does the new iMac (Thunderbolt) have a unique bit of
planned obsolescence built into it? Some Mac specialists
think so. ExtremeTech has the report.

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-- Lance Ulanoff

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