Monday, May 16, 2011

All Upfronts, All the Time | Silent Weinsteins Rock Cannes | Our Band Could Be Your Life


Jim Jarmusch Casts Fassbender, Swinton, and Wasikowska As Vampires


CBS Picks Up Two More Dramas and a Comedy

'Rookies,' the buzzy cop drama produced by Robert De Niro, is now called 'The 2-2.'

James Franco Carved ‘Brad Renfro’ Into His Arm

For art.

Review Bridesmaids in One Sentence

Share your feelings, succinctly.

The Battle Between the Snow White Movies Heats Up

As 'Snow White and the Huntsman' leapfrogs up the release calendar.


Glenn Ligon: AMERICA at the Whitney Museum

Glenn Ligon: AMERICA, on view at the Whitney Museum through June 5, is the first comprehensive mid-career retrospective devoted to this pioneering New York–based artist. Throughout his career, Ligon has explored American history, literature, and society—from Gertrude Stein to Richard Pryor—in paintings, drawings, prints, photography, sculptural installations, and, most recently, neon signs.

More information at

Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt Speaks

Also: Tegan and Sara weigh in on Odd Future.

Fox Schedule Analysis: The Network Plays It Safe to Stay On Top (No More Lone Stars)

'X Factor' and the Spielberg dinosaur action show 'Terra Nova' may be pricey, but they seem bound to score.

The Artist Brings Down the House at Cannes

The Weinstein's silent movie gets a twelve to twenty minute standing ovation.

The Showrunner Transcript: 30 Rock’s Robert Carlock on Working on Joey and His Dedication to Joke Density

"The life of the show is that Jack becomes more of a person and Liz gets her act together. Beyond that, the real goal of the show is the moral education of Kenneth Parcel, the eventual discovery that he is immortal and the center for a reason we can’t begin to understand."

Your Box Office Explained: Always a Bridesmaids

And that's a good thing. A $24 million good thing.

Fox’s New Fall Schedule: The Network Sticks to Its Reality Shows

'Terra Nova,' two sitcoms, an animated show, and 'The X Factor' are the new fall offerings.

How Does a Network Build a Fall Schedule? Fox’s Scheduling Chief Reveals the Strategies

In a world of DVRs, managing time slots still matters a lot, and Preston Beckman shows us how the game is played.

NBC Schedule Analysis: Modest Ambitions Look Good on the Peacock

Realistic new boss Bob Greenblatt knows how serious things are for the network.


Our Band Could Be Your Life


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