Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

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Rummy: Obama Admin Couldn't Have Broken bin Laden$Ns-NWTBx/time23-0
On Fox and Friends, ex-DefenseSec says “even if he’d been captured...the interrogation policies of this administration, I think, would be unlikely to produce much intelligence.” FORMER DEFENSE SECRETARY DONALD RUMSFELD TELLS FOX NEWS THAT THE SCANS OF BIN LADEN’S BODY WILL BE USED AS “CREDIBLE EVIDENCE HE IS DEAD AND GONE” Former Secretary of Defense

Bam Gets Bipart Bounce$Ns-NWTBx/time24-0
survey finds 24% of Republicans approve of Obama, up 15 points since most recent pre-OBL poll. Conducted May 2-3, error margin four points. 

Team Romney Defection$Ns-NWTBx/time25-0
08 NH Chair Bruce Keough passes on opportunity to join '12 team. "I don't think the voters are looking for somebody who's going to be recasting himself.”

Enhanced Interrogation$Ns-NWTBx/time26-0
In an exclusive for TIME, former CIA head of counterterrorism Jose Rodriguez tells Massimo Calabresi that black site prison techniques on KSM and others led to OBL intel.

44 Invites 43; 43 Declines$Ns-NWTBx/time27-0
Bush declines Obama's invite to attend Thursday Ground Zero event. Fmr prez spox says he wants to avoid the spotlight.



The Unity Is Over: Congress Returns to Debt Ceiling Fight$Ns-NWTBx/time29-0
Osama bin Laden is dead and gone. Republicans and Democrats this week came together to rejoice and pass resolutions praising U.S. troops and the intelligence community. Even Donald Trump called a truc

---------------------------------------------------------------------- Top Stories$Ns-NWTBx/time30-0

1.Did Waterboarding of High-Value Detainees Lead the U.S. to bin Laden?$Ns-NWTBx/time31-0

2.The Interrupted Reading: The Kids with George Bush on 9/11$Ns-NWTBx/time32-0

3.CIA Chief Breaks Silence: U.S. Ruled Out Involving Pakistan in bin Laden Raid Early On$Ns-NWTBx/time33-0

In This Week's Issue$Ns-NWTBx/time34-0

Table of Contents

*How The G-Man Got His Groove Back$Ns-NWTBx/time35-0

*American Anglophilia: Missing the Point?$Ns-NWTBx/time36-0

*The Libyan Muddle$Ns-NWTBx/time37-0

*10 Questions for George H.W. Bush$Ns-NWTBx/time38-0

*Tracking the Threats Within$Ns-NWTBx/time39-0

*You Are What You Owe$Ns-NWTBx/time40-0


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