Wednesday, May 4, 2011


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May 04, 2011


1. A Celebration of Death: Parents Parse the bin Laden Fall-Out
A complex mix of revenge and satisfaction at vanquishing evil has combined to make this country a very happy place this week. Generally, it's bad form to gloat over another's misfortune, but parents are relearning social conventions in the days [...]

2. Mind Reading: How to Use the Quirks of the Mind to Change Behavior
How can we motivate ourselves to do what we really want to do? By better understanding the brain's unconscious tendencies and tactics, argues journalist Wray Herbert â€" or, in other words, tricking ourselves into doing it. In his new book, [...]

3. After Liposuction, the Fat Returns â€" Just in a Different Place
Who needs diet and exercise, when you've got liposuction? The flab-busting procedure is now the most popular plastic surgery in the U.S., with surgeons siphoning fat from the love handles and saddlebags of nearly half a million patients each year. [...]

4. The 9/11 Casualties Still to Come
Last January â€" more than nine years after the Sept. 11 attacks â€" Osama bin Laden killed Roy Chelsen. Bin Laden never met Chelsen; that's not the way it is when you do your killing en masse. And he certainly [...]

5. Grape Tomatoes in Ready-to-Eat Salads Recalled for Salmonella
A Florida tomato grower is voluntarily recalling its grape tomatoes after a sample tested positive for salmonella. Six L's Packing Company Inc. said in a statement that no illnesses had been reported in connection to the recall as of April [...]

6. Your Brain on bin Laden: Why Vengeance Is So Sweet
Schadenfreude â€" joy in another's suffering or death â€" is a vicious pleasure. But it's far less guilt-inducing when the victim is an enemy like Osama bin Laden, who has gotten his just deserts. Does that make it all right? [...]

7. Why Frequent Business Travelers Are Fatter and Less Healthy
Like a lot of reporters, I spare a fair amount of a time on the road, maybe eight to 10 days a month on average. I like traveling â€" I wouldn't have gotten into this line of work if I [...]

8. Facebook and Breast-Feeders Face Off Again Over Nursing Photos
There's no doubt that breasts are sexualized in our society, even when they're doing what they're designed for â€" feeding babies. And that's not sitting well with breast-feeding advocates who are angry that Facebook has once again removed photos of [...]

9. House Watch: When Luck Takes Over
House M.D. is usually obsessed with lying, but last night it reached for a lesson in luck. What happens if you win the lottery but also develop three different types of cancer at once? Some answers and all the diagnoses [...]

10. Brain Size, Early Growth: Clues to Autism's Causes


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