Monday, May 9, 2011

David Rees Reviews Soul Daddy | Beard Foundation Media Award Winners

MONDAY, MAY 9, 2011

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The Chain Gang

Soul Daddy Review: David Rees on America’s Next Great Restaurant

"The first thing you notice is Soul Daddy’s interior; it is clean and bland and entirely without soul."


Indochine Team Takes Over Acme Space in Noho

An opening is expected in early fall.

Spot Check

Mr. Big Wants Elaine’s to Become Steve’s

But others say it's doing just fine, thank you.


Melt Bakery Expands, and Melt Shop Is the Future

Know your Melts: one is an ice-cream-sandwich stand and the other is a grilled-cheese stand.


900 Degrees Will Offer Neapolitan, Roman, and NYC Pies Next Week

Plus: free-range New Zealand lamb pizza, anyone?


Ferran Adrià’s New Bar Gets ‘Reviewed’ by the Times

And thus the I-Ate-at-El-Bulli-Piece torch is passed.


Eric Ripert, Alton Brown, and Others Take Home James Beard Foundation Media Awards

The winners have been named.

In the Magazine

Platt Goes to Soho; the ‘Kitchen Debate’ Revisited

Plus: The Robs get a recipe for lily-bulb bruschetta.


Chocolate Milk in Trouble; McDonald’s Gives Itself a Makeover

Plus: a tale of trail-mix survival, and New Zealand reacts to the Double Down, all in our morning news roundup.



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