Monday, May 9, 2011

Pre-Upfronts Status Update: NBC | April's Best Entertainment Photography | Deftones


NBC Status Update: Where Does the Fourth-Place Network Stand Heading Into Upfronts?

Here are the problems that need to be solved next year, and what the struggling Peacock might do to solve them.

Taylor Swift’s ‘Mean’ Video Makes Us Temporarily Pro-Bully

More "It Gets Better" pop.

T.I. Will Be Out of Prison In Time for Fall Foliage

He's home September 29.

April’s Best Entertainment Photography

Elton John, Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett, Michael Fassbender, and more, in April's Best Entertainment Photography.

Final Destination 5 Trailer: Ouch. Yikes. Eeeek.

That is how you'll feel while watching this.

The Lonely Island on Their New Album and Michael Bolton’s ‘Adonis’ Physique

Andy Samberg: "We should be so lucky to be half the man."


Give your kith & kin a kiss of the CURIOUS–
Your Hendrick’s Curious Communiqué Awaits!

Marg Helgenberger Reveals That Justin Bieber Was a Cake-Punching Brat

"I shouldn't be saying this."

Dexter Promo Accidentally Points Out Everything That’s Wrong With Dexter

Behold, all the interesting foes Dexter has defeated in exactly the same way.

TV Buzz Check: What Big Moves Will the Networks Make During Upfronts?

Fox needs some dramas to fill the shoes of '24' and the aging 'House.'

Vulture Premieres Fall Out Boy Front Man Patrick Stump’s Solo Track ‘Explode’

Hear the song!

The Killing Recap: Unusual Suspects

Some red herrings get dispatched, and it all ends with a plot twist.

Your Box Office Explained: Who Thor's Hammer Connected With

Well, it wasn't as mighty as 'Fast Five' was last week, but $66 million isn't bad.

Game of Thrones Recap: A Newbie and a Superfan Debate Bad Dads and Surprise Tears

'Thrones' is getting much, much creepier.

Saturday Night Live Recap: Michael Bolton Wins, Osama Loses

Oh hey, did you know Tina Fey was pregnant?




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