Wednesday, May 4, 2011

 Full Review of Apple's New iMac, The 25 Best Apple iPad Games, Gates Dismisses 'Cute' Green Tech, and Amazon Tablet Rumors

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By Dan Costa
May 4, 2011

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Full Review of Apple's New iMac

Apple revamped its iMac lineup yesterday and PCMag has a full
review posted today. Loaded with the latest Core i5 processor
and cutting edge Thunderbolt ports, this iMac leaves little to
be desired. The one feature that Apple has been reluctant to
bring to its desktops is a touch interface. That probably
doesn't hurt them much, but it does give consumers a reason to
stick with Windows 7 for their All-in-Ones. Find out how the new
iMac stacks up.

The 25 Best Apple iPad Games

Much has been made of the iPad 2 as a media-consumption device
and workplace applications are also starting to gain traction,
but don't forget the device is probably the strongest portable
gaming platform on the market. Bigger than a smartphone, more
portable than a laptop, the iPad's gaming prowess shouldn't be
underestimated. A quick look at the 25 great games here and you
will be convinced this tablet has serious game.

Bill Gates: 'Cute' Green Tech Won't Solve Energy Crisis

Every day Bill Gates spends away from Microsoft I like him more.
Yesterday, he told a crowd at the Wired Business Conference in
NYC to grow up and face the facts about climate change and our
coming energy crisis. It is great that you put solar panels on
your house to reduce your electric bill, but on a global scale
it's completely irrelevant. We need substantial investment in
new energy sources now. And yes, by new, he means nuclear.

Hands On with the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930

PCMag's Sascha Segan is at BlackBerry World on Orlando this week
and got some hands-on time with RIM's upcoming BlackBerry Bold
9900. There may not be much to get excited about here, but
remember RIM still has a huge presence in the enterprise. That
means, whether you like it or not, your next "work" phone may
very well be a BlackBerry. Check out his story to find out if
that is a good or a bad thing.

Should Lance Ulanoff Go on a Digital Diet?

Lance is a skinny guy, but he has an enormous digital footprint.
Indeed, it is so large it might be unhealthy. Lance recently
read Daniel Sieberg's The Digital Diet, in which the author
describes his self-enforced exile from the digital word and its
attendant benefits. It is a compelling case, but will Lance
follow suit? Somehow I doubt it, but that doesn't he didn't
collect a few key tips digital life management.

Rumor: Amazon Tablet Coming In 2011

There are rumors and then there are rumors based on DigiTimes
stories; and the former are much more credible than the latter.
And yet, every time the Taiwan-based DigiTimes takes a flyer on
an un-sourced, un-confirmed bit of technological tea-leaf
reading, the blogs eat it up and re-pub it ad nauseam. Amazon is
almost certainly working on a tablet, no news there. Also, Apple
is working on an iPad3. And HP will have a tablet in 2011 as
well. Or maybe 2012.

Spotify Add iPod Sync

Spotify continues to dominate the "great-music-services-you-
can't-get-in-the-U.S."-market. Now the service will support
purchased MP3 downloads and iPod syncing. I've used the service
and like it a lot, but unless the company can make a deal with
U.S. labels they are going to remain a marginal player. Although
imagine if Amazon bought them and used them for their music
client--instant credibility. I'm sure DigiTimes will get to that
story soon.

That's What's New Now for now. Lance will be back on Friday.

Dan Costa
Executive Editor,
Twitter: @dancosta

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