Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Which Summer Movie Will Blow Up Biggest? | Timothy Olyphant on the 'Justified' Finale | 'Picked'


Ian Ziering Will Play Adam Sandler (Sort of) in I Hate You Dad

He'll play himself playing Sandler's character.

Charlie Sheen Is Stubborn, Reveals Vanity Fair Article

Tom Sizemore has a good story about him.

Mariah Carey Names Her Children Monroe and Moroccan

Monroe is the girl, and Moroccan is the boy.

Which Summer Movie Will Be the Biggest Blockbuster?

Or perhaps more accurate, which sequel will come out on top?

New Green Lantern Trailer: A Superhero Who Can Make His Own Special Effects

It's the first sustained glimpse at huge-headed villain Peter Sarsgaard.


THE BOOK OF MORMON, now on Broadway! "A real miracle. After Mormon, the Broadway musical might be free to be a Broadway musical again. Enough comedic force to prolapse the average diaphragm." - NEW YORK MAGAZINE/Scott Brown.

Buy Tickets Now!

The Good Wife Recap: Hell Hath No Fury

"Say something to make me love you again."

Glee vs. YouTube: Who Did ‘Go Your Own Way’ Best?

Vote for your favorite cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Go You Own Way."

Tyler, the Creator Unnecessarily Reminds Everyone He’s Different From Dawson’s Creek

Hear another new Tyler track, "Analog."

Timothy Olyphant on the Season-Two Finale of Justified and His Advice to Lakers Fans

"Everyone should remain calm."

Glee Recap: Mac Attack

'Glee' does 'Rumours' and rumors.

GLAAD Mad at Houston Affiliate Over Glee

Wants an apology for an "Is TV Too Gay?" segment.

Watch a Teaser for AMC's Post–Civil War Western Hell On Wheels

Pains, trains, and AMC deals.

Odd Moments in Beastie Boys History

"I showed up to the studio one day with a moustache and my Mets ’86 champions RC Cola bag ... "

Simon Cowell Unveils Details of His Incredibly Easy-to-Understand Game Show

It makes 'Wheel of Fortune' seem like 'Inception.'

Eric Christian Olsen on NCIS: LA, Community, and Sexual Chemistry

"I'm emotionally invested in Kensi and Deeks getting together."




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