Friday, May 13, 2011


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May 13, 2011


1. Scientists Identify Possible Human Lung Stem Cell
Scientists believe they've discovered stem cells in the lung that can make a wide variety of the organ's tissues, a finding that might open new doors for treating emphysema and other diseases. When these human cells were injected into mice, [...]

2. Alaina Giordano, Mom with Stage 4 Cancer, Speaks Out About Losing Her Kids
Divorce is often nasty but once in a while, the details of a particular breakup grab ahold of the soul and won't let go. One such case involves Alaina Giordano, a mother of two who is battling Stage 4 breast [...]

3. Cafeteria Cams Track Students' Calorie Consumption at School
School lunches have been getting a lot of attention, especially since President Obama signed a $4.5-billion bill last December to improve the quality of students' meals. In Los Angeles, the schools superintendent announced this week he was considering a ban [...]

4. Study: Internet Access May Increase Prescription Drug Misuse
Could increasing Internet use help explain the recent surge in prescription drug misuse in the U.S.? That's the hypothesis put forth by a new study published in Health Affairs. Between 1997 and 2007, Americans' household access to the Internet went [...]

5. Babies on the Bottle: How Long Is Too Long?
When it is time to wean your baby off the bottle? This can be difficult for new parents to gauge, but a new study encourages families not to wait too long. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies give [...]

6. Fat Stigma: How Online News May Worsen the Problem of Obesity
Obesity researchers from Yale University say that online news outlets overwhelmingly use negative images of overweight people â€" in ill-fitting clothes or eating fast food â€" to illustrate stories about obesity. The practice perpetuates fat stigma, the researchers say, and [...]

7. Should a Mother Lose Custody of Her Kids Because She Has Cancer?
Alaina Giordano was already engaged in a battle royale, fighting Stage 4 breast cancer, when her struggle intensified recently: a judge ruled that the N.C. woman must give up custody of her two children to her husband, who lives in [...]

8. Thought Bedbugs Were Bad? Try Bedbugs with MRSA
(Updated) The one bright side to having bedbugs â€" if you wanted to be optimistic about it â€" has always been that at least the tormenting critters didn't transmit disease. But now researchers in Vancouver report that they've found bedbugs [...]

9. Look, Ma, No Skin! Healthline's New 3-D Body-Imaging Site
A new website, launched this week, maps the entire human body in 3-D detail â€" for everyone who's ever wanted to get up close and personal with a liver without picking up a scalpel. The new feature is called Healthline [...]

10. To Improve Your Memory, Take a Cue From the Grand Masters


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