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May 17, 2011


1. Tumblr of the Week: The Cosby Sweater Project http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN0uIFBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWTYs/news43
Nothing beats a great Cosby sweater. This week's Tumblr pick is dedicated to one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time â€" The Cosby Show â€" and the woolen wear that was always featured (which is odd, because Brooklyn doesn't get that cold). (LIST: Top 10 TV Dads) From Cliff's impressive collection of sweaters to [...]

2. Tumblr of the Week: The Cosby Sweater Project http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN0uIFBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWTYs/news44
The French press may consider the personal lives of the nation's politicians off limits, but French comedians don't. French Socialist party official and International Monetary Fund honcho, Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK), now in a New York prison facing on charges that he sexually attacked a hotel maid, has been the target of France's (in)famously vicious satirists [...]

3. Biodegradable Urn Lets You Go Green, Even Six Feet Under http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN0uIFBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWTYs/news45
If you choose to be cremated, your ashes might as well go towards a good cause. The eco-friendly Bios urn now gives you the chance to put your ashes in an urn containing a seed that will one day grow into a tree. Designed and created by designer Martin Azua and Gerard Moline, and sold [...]

4. Frightening Viral Video: Tornado Rips Through Tuscaloosa Neighborhood http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN0uIFBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWTYs/news46
As the Tuscaloosa twister sped ever closer, one family was looking back at it â€" with a video camera. Can you feel the torrential downpours and fierce winds? We can. Truthfully, this feels a scene from Michael Bay production, but we assure you, this is no special effect. The video quite clearly shows Mother Nature's [...]

5. QUOTE: Violence Mounts in Ireland http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN0uIFBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWTYs/news47
"They are dragging us into the dark ages. There are some people in Ireland that have to get over the whole English thing." â€" TOM O'NEILL, a 34-year-old salesman in Ireland, on violence in his home country associated with Queen Elizabeth's visit (via Vancouver Sun)

6. Green Wars: Two 'Living Buildings' Battle for Sustainable Supremacy http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN0uIFBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWTYs/news48
Your office building doesn't have solar panels lining the roof, composting in the basement, or mechanically controlled venetian blinds on the outside of the building to direct sun in or out depending on the time of day? It doesn't even generate and recycle allâ€"yes, allâ€"water used on site? Then your building isn't living. In the [...]

7. Growth Chemical Leads to Exploding Watermelons in China http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN0uIFBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWTYs/news49
Safety goggles may become required for eating watermelons. It seems the wrong chemicals in the hands of the wrong farmers can lead to some pretty fascinating results, such as exploding watermelons. Yup, exploding watermelons. And this isn't some science experiment gone wrongâ€"or right, depending on how fun your science teacher wasâ€"this is farming in China. [...]

8. Princess Beatrice's Royal Wedding Hat Going for More Than $29,000 on eBay http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN0uIFBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWTYs/news50
Who wouldn't want the hat that will live on in viral memes for ever more?  While most people that NewsFeed associates with found Princess Beatrice's royal wedding hat particularly hideous, you might be the type that goes for that sort of look. You also might be the type that has a spare thirty grand lying [...]

9. Watch: Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly Spar Over Common at the White House http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN0uIFBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWTYs/news51
Since there's nothing else in the political world that warrants a thorough debate, TV heavy-weights Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly battled it out over rapper Common being invited to the White House last Wednesday. Conservative pundits are riled up over the White House extending an invitation to Common to a poetry slam, supposedly because of [...]

10. Reading While Eating for May 17: Laughing Matters http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN0uIFBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWTYs/news52
Today's links feature the funny. We hope they make you laugh. New Comedies on the Block: See clips from Fox's upcoming comedies. (NY Mag) America's Funniest Home Videos: Is the show ever going to cease to exist? Many say no. (Wired) Fall in Love: Watch this montage of women falling down in romantic comedies. (Thought [...]


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