Thursday, May 5, 2011

Obama Visits WTC Site | R Train Is Dirtiest Line in the City

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Basic-Cable-Stained Wretches

MTV Networks CEO Rumored to Quit Over Reality-Show Craze She Helped Spawn

Allegedly over a show called 'Electric Barbarellas.'

Party Chat

David Koch Gives President Obama Zero Credit for Bin Laden’s Death

Obama's a "hard-core socialist."

White Men With Money

What Do Leonardo DiCaprio and Steve Cohen Have in Common?

An auction at Christie's.

Never Forget

Obama Visits World Trade Center Site

There, he silently laid a wreath in memory of victims.


More on War Dogs, the Best Dogs Ever

Is there anything these dogs can't do?

Never Forget

Barack Obama Visits the FDNY

He saw a firehouse in midtown that lost fifteen men on 9/11.

Jobs Jobs Jobs

Jobless Claims Hit Eight-Month High

This was unexpected.

The Death Throes of Birtherism

Releasing That Birth Certificate Kind of Worked

There are about half as many birthers today as there were a year ago.

Osama Bin Killed

Senior Defense Official Says Only One Man at Bin Laden’s Compound Was Armed

He was the only one to fire a shot.

Photo Op

Hillary Clinton Was Just Coughing

Iconic photo: ruined.

Stand Clear of the Closing Doors

And the Letter of the Week Is R, for Revolting

That's the subway line that's the grossest, which will come as no surprise to riders.


Take Pew’s Political Typology Quiz

Are you a New Coalition Democrat, a Main Street Republican, or something else?

In Other News

TMZ: Katie Couric and Jeff Zucker Close to Signing $20 Million Deal With ABC

Katie would get her own show and the ability to do specials on '20/20.'

The Future Is Coming

Facebook and Google Are Giving Skype the Once-Over

Acquisitive looks.

Osama Bin Killed

George W. Bush Wants More Credit for Killing Osama Bin Laden




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