Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The 10 Best Free iPad Games, Scary Spying Software Tested, More Cell Phone Cancer Warnings, HP Recalls Even More Batteries.

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By Dan Costa
June 1, 2011
The 10 Best Free iPad Games, Scary Spying Software
Tested, More Cell Phone Cancer Warnings, HP Recalls Even
More Batteries

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The 10 Best Free iPad Games

We caught some flack in the comments section for
including some trial game versions in this story. And to
these commenters, let me just say, please relax. The iPad
is still primarily a casual gaming platform, a few free
levels of Pro Zombie Soccer is all many users need.
Regardless, if you have an iPad download these games
today. They are all winners.

Scary Spying Software Tested and Reviewed

I have some reservations aboutPCMag's review of Webware,
which won an Editors' Choice award. It is an amazing
product,without doubt. Install this on a PC and you can
track everything that happens it and it is pretty much
impossible to detect. For monitoring a child's actions
online, there is nothing more comprehensive.
Unfortunately, I fear a lot of less noble applications
will be pursued by jealous boyfriends, nosey neighbors,
over-zealous I.T. managers, and so on. Check out the
review and see if it gives you the creeps, too.

WHO Finds Tentative Link Between Cell Phones and Cancer

This week you will hear a lot about the World Health
Organization announcing there could be a link between
cell phones and cancer. At this point, there are as
many studies saying there is no link as those saying
there is a link. The bottom line seems to be there is
no reason to panic, but that the issue warrants more
study. Unsatisfying, to be sure, but for now we will have
to live with the ambiguity. And maybe just text a little
more. PCMag's Mark Hachman has the details.

Hands On with Lenovo's MeeGo netbook

The unfortunate thing about MeeGo, Intel's Linux-based
operating system is that for the last few years you have
had to go shows likeComputex in Taiwan to see it running.
PCMag sent Cisco Cheng to do just that and he got some
time with MeeGo running on a Lenovo IdeaPad S100. There
is no word on when--or if--MeeGo-powered systems could go
on sale on the U.S. But if Lenovo could get the price
point down under $200 they might give Tablets a run for
their money.

HP recalls another 162,000 notebook batteries

Another year, another massive battery recall. It has
happened to Dell, it has happened to Sony, this timeit
is HP's turn to recall a massive number of lithium ion
batteries for fear their will start a fire. This recall
concerns systems sold in 2007 and 2008. Not to be
confused with other HP recalls, in October 2005, April
2006, October 2008, May 2009, October 2009, and May of
2010. Huh. This is just a suggestion, but maybe it is
time for HP to find another vendor to make its batteries?

How iOS 4 Encryption was Cracked, and How to Protect Your

Longer passwords are stronger passwords. Case in point.
Turns out iOS encryption uses a key derived from just a
4-digit passcode, meaning there are only about 10,000
possible combinations. This leaves it vulnerable to a
brute force attack. Again, unless you have the government
after you, you probably shouldn't be too worried about this
kind of attack. Nonetheless, I expect future versions of
the OS to be much harder to attack. Go to for more

Will Apple Redefine the Cloud?

Apple will make some big announcements next week and in an
unusual move it is giving us details in advance. One of the
announcements will be iCloud, a service that could combine
the productivity features of MobileMe with a subscription-
based iTunes. Google and Amazon have recently launched
similar cloud services, but Apple has a big advantage:
about 200 million credit cards accounts. Lance Ulanoff has
the low-down on just how revolutionary iCloud could be.

Dan Costa
Executive Editor,

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