Saturday, June 4, 2011

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Saturday, June 04, 2011

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Pizza Parlor Choice Explained$Ns-NWTKL/time23-0
The Page exclusive: Mr. Trump tells the story of why he chose that particular pie place to take Sarah Palin. Attention, Jon Stewart.

The Tie Is Back, the Stump Goes On$Ns-NWTKL/time24-0
Romney dons cravat for Faith and Freedom confab. Gives version of his new stump speech, unveiled in announcement speech and repeated at top of Friday morning New Hampshire town meeting. That means he sticks with econ-dominated message, even to family values audience.

Dream Ticket$Ns-NWTKL/time25-0
Ralph Reed and Donald Trump in Washington Friday night at Faith and Freedom Coalition meeting. In his remarks, Trump shows his church confirmation picture, says he was honored at White House Correspondents dinner, whacks Weiner, assails OPEC, predicts Iran will take over Iraq, and mocks Charles Krauthammer.

Course Work$Ns-NWTKL/time26-0
Obama, Boehner to discuss debt deal over round of golf June 18.

Edwards Indicted on Six Counts$Ns-NWTKL/time27-0
;   Ex-Senator says "There's no question that I've done wrong...but I did not break the law and I never, ever thought that I was breaking the law."  



Re: Error and Hypocrisy$Ns-NWTKL/time29-0
I agree with Grunwald (although that’s very hard to do because he argues with you even when you agree with him). It’s annoying as hell that the Republicans are able t

---------------------------------------------------------------------- Top Stories$Ns-NWTKL/time30-0

1.America's Hottest Investment: Farmland$Ns-NWTKL/time31-0

2.How Effective Is Your Cancer Charity?$Ns-NWTKL/time32-0

3.Lowest Rainfall in 50 Years: Will China's Food Supply Outlast Its Drought?$Ns-NWTKL/time33-0

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