Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Apple Kicks Off its Developer Conference, Xbox Voice-Controlled TV, Memories of E3 Past, Where Tech Terms Come From

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By Jill Duffy
June 7, 2011
Apple Kicks Off its Developer Conference, Xbox Voice-
Controlled TV, Memories of E3 Past, Where Tech Terms
Come From
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WWDC 2011: The Apple Developer Conference

Apple's developer conference, WWDC, got rolling today
with a few major announcements, like news of the iOS5
and Lion OS X, which will be available for a mere $29.


Apple's Lion OS X Coming to Mac App Store in July


PLUS: Michael Miller on his Forward Thinking blog sums
up details of the other much anticipated announcement
about Apple's new cloud-based storage service, Apple


Microsoft Brings Kinect to TV

Aside from all the Apple talk from WWDC, Microsoft today
shared a big announcement regarding Xbox Kinect, it's
motion- and voice-controlled gaming system. Arriving
this fall, the Kinect will integrate with Live TV,
allowing users to discover and control content stored in
their consoles without the need for a physical remote
control. Nearly everything will be controlled by
gestures and voice.


Human Rights: Clean Water, Health Care, Internet

The UN's Human Rights Council has issued a report saying
that Internet access ought to be an essential right for
all citizens. When the UN calls something a human right,
it's definitely time to take notice globally. The timing
seems appropriate, not only with recent world events
reported through online channels, but oftentimes with
emergency and civic response coordinated through them,
too. Frank La Rue, who authored the report, is the UN
Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression, which gives
a little more context into how the Internet is seen is a
human right.


E3's Most Memorable Moments

The video game expo E3 has a history unto itself. In
celebration of this year's event, which kicked off today,
PCMag software analyst and games enthusiast Jeffrey L.
Wilson revisited five memorable moments from the show's
past. Fanboys and girls whose memories don't stretch all
back to 1995 can get a taste of what they've missed since
the expo first started.


The Peculiar Origins of Tech Terms

The etymology of words that have only recently made it
into our tech lexicon aren't usually all that hard to
pinpoint. Very often, they can be traced back to science-
fiction novels dating from the mid-20th century, when
interest in modern technology was on the rise. A few words
had us stumped, so we looked for answers and share them
in this little wrap.


That's What's New Now for today.
Jill Duffy
Software Analyst

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