Friday, June 3, 2011

Movie Reviews: 'X-Men' and More | Star Market: Michael Fassbender | Hilary Harnischfeger


Sean Penn Will Participate in Fast Times at Ridgemont High Reunion

No Phoebe Cates or Jennifer Jason Leigh, though.

Woody Allen Haiku Contest: We’ve Got a Winner!

Thanks for playing.

Childrens Hospital Misses Party Down Too

They'll pay tribute to their fellow cult comedy.

Movie Reviews: The Last Mountain and !Women Art Revolution

'The Last Mountain' is a passionate, partisan, and effective film about the perils of mountaintop coal mining.


Check out the new styles on RAY-BAN.COM

The Dangers of Letting Sue Sylvester Show Up at the Emmys

Jane Lynch will host, but we beg the producers not to make her put on the tracksuit.

The Star Market: Does Michael Fassbender Have the X Factor to Become a Superstar?

How much does Hollywood love the 'X-Men' actor? "I couldn't be prouder to be the same [species] as that guy, let alone work in the same profession," says one agent.

Men of a Certain Age Ups the Product-Placement Ante

Setting scenes in a car dealership was step one. Step two: product testing!

Coldplay's New Song: The Band Appreciates Your Tears

Hear "Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall."

Movie Review: X-Men: First Class Is Pleasantly Second Rate

Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy elevate the proceedings.

The Similarities Between X-Men: First Class and Inglourious Basterds

Fassbender's many accents! Oppressed minorities! Nazis!

Emily Mortimer on Martin Scorsese, Being a Horrible Driver, and Her ‘Depressing’ Hair

"I’m just happy to be a film where for once I don’t have to worry about my hair, because my managers are always complaining about my hair ... "

It’s Official: Nobody Cares About Paris Hilton Anymore

Her Oxygen show lures fewer than 500,000 viewers.

Death Cab for Cutie on Marriage, Marathons, and Why Their New Record’s Still ‘Not a Prozac Pill’

"Fuck you, man! What, are you trying to get me or something?"

Why a Baby-Seat Brand Wanted to Be in The Hangover Part II, and Budweiser Did Not

The C-word is fine for baby gear, but underage drinking is no good for a beer.

Jerry Saltz on the Ugly American at the Venice Biennale

“I think being embarrassed to be an American is partly what this is about.”

Which Second-Tier Superheroes Might Soon Be Movie Stars?

From Ant-Man to the Flash, meet the caped crusaders who may get their own movies.

What’s Really Wrong With the Grammys

The elimination of 31 award categories has sparked protests. Here's why the cuts make sense.

Vulture Bytes: Karaoke and Jackassery

A trove of free audiobooks, a karaoke-anywhere app, an artistic statement for your phone, Johnny Knoxville on the iPad, and more.


Hilary Harnischfeger


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