Thursday, June 2, 2011

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Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Page--- The Latest Updates$Ns-NWTMT/time22-0

Scenes From Scamman Farm$Ns-NWTMT/time23-0

Enter the Frontrunner$Ns-NWTMT/time24-0
Romney to tout himself as pro-jobs, pro-constitution candidate during noon New Hampshire announcement in Stratham. EXCERPTS FROM ROMNEY'S PREPARED REMARKS: "A few years ago, Americans did something that was, actually, very much the sort of thing Americans like to do: We gave someone new a chance to lead; someone we hadn't known for very long,

Palin: Not Stepping on Romney$Ns-NWTMT/time25-0
Former Guv on NH visit: "It's coincidental that we are in the same territory at the same time." Earlier: Palin to host Granite State Seacoast evening event hours after frontrunner's kickoff down the road.

The Big Questions: What's Next for the GOP '12 Field?$Ns-NWTMT/time26-0
Mark Halperin's answers this week in TIME. When will the Republican field finally be set? It is close to complete now, but GOP donors, activists, governors and members of Congress (plus the press) are pining for someone â€" anyone! â€" else. Sarah Palin continues to flirt with a run (creating media mayhem whenever she behaves

Jobless Claims Drop$Ns-NWTMT/time27-0
Initial unemployment filings fall 6,000 to 422,000 for the week.



Palin’s Set of Improbable Coincidences$Ns-NWTMT/time29-0
Sarah Palin says she’s not (yet) running for President. But her week long “learning” bus tour of historical sites just happens to end in the politica

---------------------------------------------------------------------- Top Stories$Ns-NWTMT/time30-0

1.The Anthony Weiner Mystery: A Tricky News Package to Handle$Ns-NWTMT/time31-0-

2.Europe's E. Coli Outbreak Caused By Mutant Bacteria Never Before Seen$Ns-NWTMT/time32-0

3.The Great Mediscare Debate: After All the Rhetoric, Who Will Craft the Compromise?$Ns-NWTMT/time33-0

In This Week's Issue$Ns-NWTMT/time34-0

Table of Contents

*The Optimism Bias$Ns-NWTMT/time35-0


*Obamaworld 2012$Ns-NWTMT/time37-0

*Cherchez Les Femmes$Ns-NWTMT/time38-0

*High Manxiety$Ns-NWTMT/time39-0

*Bibi Provokes Barack$Ns-NWTMT/time40-0


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