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June 07, 2011


1. Supreme Court: California Can Offer In-State College Tuition to Illegal Immigrants http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN7pKhBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWT4Z/news43
In a win for immigrants rights groups, on Monday the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a California law that grants in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. The court rejected without comment an appeal brought by out-of-state students who said it is unfair that they â€" as U.S. citizens â€" have to pay as much as $20,000 more [...]

2. Supreme Court: California Can Offer In-State College Tuition to Illegal Immigrants http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN7pKhBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWT4Z/news44
Two and a half years after it made a crash landing in New York's Hudson River, US Airways Flight 1549 is resuming its trip down to Charlotte, North Carolina. But this time, it's taking the highway. On Saturday, the Airbus A320 started its journey southbound from New Jersey, where it had been living since it [...]

3. Cowabunga! Dogs Take to the Waves in Annual Surf Competition http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN7pKhBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWT4Z/news45
These dogs aren't afraid of the ruff waters. (Sorry, we had to.) This past weekend in Imperial Beach, Calif., more than 60 canines hit the waves to compete in the sixth annual Lowes Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog Competition. (PHOTOS: Surf Dogs Ride the Wave) The pups were escorted by their owners past the breakers [...]

4. Watch: Remembering Andrew Gold, Creator of the 'Golden Girls' Theme Song http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN7pKhBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWT4Z/news46
Andrew Gold, the creator of The Golden Girls theme song and the man behind the 1977 Top 10 hit "Lonely Boy," died Friday. (PHOTOS: Stars of Kindie Rock) Gold passed away at home in his sleep from a heart attack, his sister, Melani Gold Friedman, told the Los Angeles Times. Although he had been undergoing [...]

5. Supper with a Side of Shame: Brooklyn Eatery Serves Up 'Anthony's Weiners' http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN7pKhBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWT4Z/news47
Who better to capitalize on the Weiner buzz than a wiener joint? Mere hours after Anthony Weiner's press conference where he admitted his online indiscretions, the sign outside Brooklyn hot dog joint Der Kommissar reflected the latest news. On offer Monday evening were “deeply ashamed wieners” â€" a name updated to reflect Weiner's admission that [...]

6. Tumblr of the Week: Awesome People Hanging Out Together http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN7pKhBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWT4Z/news48
Where else are you going to find pictures of Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix hanging out? This week's Tumblr is so simple (the best often are) that the title really says it all-- Awesome People Hanging Out Together features images of stellar celebrities and other notables chatting or posing with other stellar celebrities and notable [...]

7. Jazz Squares in the Boxing Ring? 'Rocky' Musical In the Works http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN7pKhBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWT4Z/news49
Lovers of the 1980s (and late '70s), rejoice. It looks like Rocky: The Musical is on track to becoming a reality. "Ohhhh, tough Dolph Lundgren/ Gonna make him stunned then/ 'Cause I won't be rotund then/ When we meet at the aaarrreeeeeeeeenaaaa!" The New York Times reports that a Tony-winning songwriting duo, Lynn Ahrens and [...]

8. Forever 21 Threatens to Sue Mocking Fashion Blogger http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN7pKhBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWT4Z/news50
Clothing giant Forever 21 is threatening to sue fashion blogger Rachel Kane of WTForever21.com for “trademark infringement, copyright infringement, unfair competition and dilution” of the Forever 21 brand. She has until June 10 to shut down her site. WTForever21 is a no-holds-barred blog bristling with F-bombs and snarky commentary on Forever 21's fashion missteps. The [...]

9. Far-Reaching Faith: Poll Shows 9 out of 10 Americans Believe in God http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN7pKhBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWT4Z/news51
America's first colonists were a religious lot. Three-and-a-half centuries later, not much has changed: more than 9 in 10 Americans still say they believe in God, according to a new Gallup poll. (LIST: Top Ten Interesting Facts About the World's Oldest Bible) American enthusiasm for the divine has hardly waned since the 1940s, when a [...]

10. 'The Bachelorette' Recap: Everyone Hates Ashley http://time.chtah.com/a/tBN7pKhBASRffB8H3lrNs-NWT4Z/news52
With all the cruelty and crying last night, this episode was almost painful to watch. But, somehow, we managed.  In this episode we see super-perky Ashley spend most of her time in self-conscious tears after the men take turns negging her during a roast. While normally it might be a reality-TV dream to see a [...]


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