Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Are the files on your hard drive replaceable?

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"Are the files on your hard drive replaceable?"

Protect NOW!

IDrive personal plan offers 150GB for $4.95/month or
$49.95/year (2 months free). No contracts!

Effortless backups
Link: http://enews.extremetech.com/u.d?wYGmYkbDWuSrT78JrD1__=1010

Protect your PC or Mac data in just two clicks with
IDrive online backup.

Quick and efficient
Link: http://enews.extremetech.com/u.d?0YGmYkbDWuSrT78JrD1_E=900

Compressed data transfer and incremental backups optimize
bandwidth usage and speed up backup.

Encrypted and Secure
Link: http://enews.extremetech.com/u.d?l4GmYkbDWuSrT78JrD1_B=910

Military-grade encryption keeps your data safe when in
transit and when stored at our world-class data centers.

Mobile Access
Link: http://enews.extremetech.com/u.d?wYGmYkbDWuSrT78JrD1_X=930

Access, view and share your files anywhere with IDrive
for iPhone app. Also backup and restore your iPhone,
Android or Blackberry contacts with IDrive Lite

Easy share
Link: http://enews.extremetech.com/u.d?q4GmYkbDWuSrT78JrD1_4=1020

Share files easily with your associates; also view files
shared with you instantly via any browser

Instant access via web
Link: http://enews.extremetech.com/u.d?1YGmYkbDWuSrT78JrD1wF=1030

View, search and restore files backed up in your account
directly from the web.

24x7 (email / live chat) and phone support
Link: http://enews.extremetech.com/u.d?7YGmYkbDWuSrT78JrD1wO=1040

Note: Family pack and business plans are also available.
Refer pricing plans for more details.
Link: http://enews.extremetech.com/u.d?9YGmYkbDWuSrT78JrD1wL=1050

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