Friday, June 3, 2011

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Friday, June 03, 2011

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Edwards Indicted$Ns-NWTEq/time23-0
Fed grand jury charges ex-presidential hopeful with alleged illegal use of campaign funds Friday.

Ask Mitt Anything$Ns-NWTEq/time24-0
Romneys hold Manchester town meeting at this hour. Mitt's opening statement reprises announcement speech. Ann Romney: Mitt's "in it to win it."

Palin Ayotte Duet$Ns-NWTEq/time25-0
and Granite State Senator she endorsed have Portsmouth breakfast Friday.

May unemployment rate ticks up from 9% in April, as economy adds 54,000 jobs, fewer than the 125k predicted by economists.

Job Reax from the Right$Ns-NWTEq/time27-0
Cantor: "Under President Obama’s watch, Washington has tied the hands of small business owners...and has spent money that it doesn’t have." Huntsman: "Today's report showing a rising unemployment rate and staggeringly little job creation further demonstrates that this country is in need of policies that will actually grow jobs." Camp: "Not since the Great Depression



John Edwards Indicted$Ns-NWTEq/time29-0
[Updated below, 11:25 am] As expected, federal prosecutors have lowered the boom on the former North Carolina Senator and 2004 Democratic vice presidential nominee for allegedly using political money

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