Monday, June 6, 2011

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Monday, June 06, 2011

The Page--- The Latest Updates$Ns-NWTZM/time22-0

Candidate Santorum$Ns-NWTZM/time23-0
. tells crowd "I'm ready to lead" in official '12 announcement Monday in Western PA. Highlights from Santorum's remarks: Obama was given an economic problem, "but he kept digging." "He's devalued our currency" and "he's devalued our culture." America needs an "optimistic" leader who can meet nation's challenges "not with big government, but with free

Axe Continues Health Care Defense$Ns-NWTZM/time24-0
On CNBC, Obama advisor says "pragmatic" legislation wasn't about "social transformation." And: Not worried it'll affect '12 because "elections are about the future."

Halperin's Take: There's Room for Santorum$Ns-NWTZM/time25-0
Watch Mark Halperin's explanation on "Morning Joe."

Auto Man$Ns-NWTZM/time26-0
Obama to talk industry recovery with Hearst DC Bureau, WEWS Cleveland and WDIV Detroit Monday afternoon.

Summer Bash$Ns-NWTZM/time27-0
Gingrich will speak at a forum hosted by the Republican Jewish Coalition June 12 in Beverly Hills.



The Obama Era Captured in One News Story$Ns-NWTZM/time29-0
Until yesterday, my favorite symbolic moment of the Obama era was the rejoicing of the right after the President’s hometown failed to land the 2016 Olympics. Because any bad news for

---------------------------------------------------------------------- Top Stories$Ns-NWTZM/time30-0

1.Strauss-Kahn Pleads 'Not Guilty'$Ns-NWTZM/time31-0

2.Abandoned, but Not Uninhabited: The Blighted Homes of New Orleans$Ns-NWTZM/time32-0

3.Two Deaths in Pakistan: The Terrorist Who May Have Succeeded bin Laden, and the Journalist$Ns-NWTZM/time33-0

In This Week's Issue$Ns-NWTZM/time34-0

Table of Contents

*What I Learned From My Cancer Scare$Ns-NWTZM/time35-0


*The Screening Dilemma$Ns-NWTZM/time37-0

*Innovate Better$Ns-NWTZM/time38-0

*Now What?$Ns-NWTZM/time39-0

*10 Questions for Gene Hackman$Ns-NWTZM/time40-0


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