Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cloud computing is growing up, Office 365 is imminent, and InvoiceASAP is bringing mobile, app-based invoicing to small biz. For all this and much more, read on

------ Small Business Update ------
------ for June 7, 2011 ------
REVIEW: ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2012; REVIEW: ZoneAlarm
Antivirus + Firewall 2012; REVIEW: Dell Vostro 3350
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Welcome to PC Magazine's small business newsletter, a
collection of news, reviews, and analysis of the products
targeting SMBs. Today's newsletter includes the latest
reviews of the Dell Vostro 3350 and two new ZoneAlarm
offerings. Check out the latest news on Office 365's launch
date, Windows MultiPoint Server 2011's admin benefits,
InvoiceASAP's beta release, and why cloud computing has
matured--though not completely.

REVIEW: ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2012

While its antispam and antivirus scores have slipped since
the last version, ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2012 offers a
powerful firewall, excellent parental control, and
ForceField browser virtualization as well as whole disk
encryption. If its strengths match your needs it can be a
great choice.


REVIEW: ZoneAlarm Antivirus + Firewall 2012

ZoneAlarm has a brand new look and a new advanced
disinfection feature that did a good job the malware it
detected, though it didn't detect as many samples as others
have. It goes beyond simple antivirus, adding firewall,
antiphishing, backup, credit monitoring, and more.


REVIEW: Dell Vostro 3350

The power of the Dell Vostro 3350 small business laptop's
second-generation Core i5 processor and more than hours of
battery life are well-worth its budget-conscious price.


NEWS: Ballmer: Office 365 to Launch in June

Speaking at the Confederation of Indian Industry Cloud
Summit last Thursday, Steve Ballmer revealed that
Microsoft's Office 365 cloud service will launch in June.


NEWS: Windows MultiPoint Server 2011

MultiPoint server allows multiple users to share one
computer at the same time. There are several economic and
administrative benefits for deploying multipoint client for
several users to share over the traditional "one computer to
one user" common deployment.


NEWS: Survey Finds Cloud Computing Has Matured, But It Can
Be a Pain

A survey conducted by Avanade finds that cloud computing
has reached its first milestone as a mature technology. Even
so, the survey also revealed cloud growing pains.


NEWS: InvoiceASAP App Now in Beta

If businesses can accept payments with mobile apps, they
should be able to invoice customers, too. That's the idea
behind InvoiceASAP, a new, mobile, app-based invoicing



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