Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dell Vostro Rocks for Small Biz; Media Cloud Showdown: Apple, Amazon, Google; Get Secure for 2012; and More

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Dell Vostro Rocks for Small Biz; Media Cloud Showdown:
Apple, Amazon, Google; Get Secure for 2012
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Dell Vostro Rocks for Small Biz

The Dell Vostro 3350, a 13-inch small business laptop,
caters to professionals who prize battery life and mobility
above everything else. The power of its second-generation
Core i5 processor, over nine hours of battery life, and
budget-conscious price earn the Vostro 3350 an Editors'
Choice in the small business category. See for yourself in
our in depth review.


Media Cloud Showdown: Apple, Amazon, Google

Three of the biggest players in online media- Amazon, Google,
and now Apple - have taken media storage to the cloud. How
do they stack-up, and does Apple's iCloud change the game?
Dig into all three in with our detailed comparisons.


Get Secure for 2012

Want to get your computer security ready to handle the
latest threats? ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2012 offers a
powerful firewall, excellent parental control, and
ForceField browser virtualization as well as whole disk
encryption. If its strengths match your needs it can be a
great choice. Read our full review to learn more.


Cheap Headphones, Expensive Sound

A $50 headphone won't likely sound sublime, but the JVC
HA-M5X headphones handle deep bass at high volumes without
distorting and blows just about any pair of bundled earbuds
out of the water. If you can get past the too-flashy design,
audio performance from the JVC HA-M5X headphones exceeds
expectations. Learn more in our pitch perfect review.


Mobile Juice Stays Slim

Third Rail Mobility, a new company, takes a fresh approach,
making a battery case in two parts: the case, and the
battery. If you want the extra juice of an iPhone 4 battery
case without the bulk, the Third Rail System can't be beat--
but the most power-hungry should look elsewhere. Plug in to
our full review to learn more.



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