Friday, June 3, 2011

A Windows 8 Walk-Through, 5 Security Apps that Can Help Recover a Stolen Laptop, and What to Expect at E3 2011

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By Dan Costa
June 3, 2011
A Windows 8 Walk-Through, 5 Security Apps that Can Help
Recover a Stolen Laptop, and What to Expect at E3 2011
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A Windows 8 Walk-Through

Microsoft took the wraps off of Windows 8 this week. It
will be a while before it ships, but PCMag's Cisco Cheng
got some hands-on time with some tablets running the OS
now. The interface is a pretty radical departure for
Microsoft; it looks much more like Windows Phone than
Windows 7. The real question is whether or not Windows 8
can serve as the primary OS for both tablets and
traditional PCs. Check out this walk-through to find out.

Five Security Apps That Can Help Recover a Stolen Laptop

Carry your laptop everywhere you go, and at some point,
you are going to lose it. Maybe you leave it in a cab,
maybe someone will swipe it from you in a cafe, but it
happens. Luckily, now there are a bunch of software apps that
can help you get your laptop back. We run down five of
them here. PCMag will be doing full reviews soon.

What to Expect at E3 201

Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3, and a slew of other hot
titles are going to be shown at the E3 show this year,
but there is more at stake than just a few software
titles. E3 is Sony's chance to show its network
problems were just a hiccup and Nintendo's best bet
to spur interest in the 3DS. PCMag will have a team
at the show for coverage, but these are their early
picks for what to look for.

FaceNiff Is a Hacker's Dream for Android Users

The concept of hacking has changed a lot over the
years. Used to be, you needed some real skills to
compromise someone else's system. Now, you just need
to know what apps to download and what scripts to
install. FaceNiff is the latest example. You need
to use a rooted Android phone, but after that all
you have to do is install the software and you can
sneak into the Facebook accounts of anyone on a
public WiFi network. Check out the full story for

Nook, Kindle and the Perils of Lock-in

The new Nook shipped to users this week and PCMag
has named it our new Editors' Choice e-book reader.
It is smaller than the Kindle and has an excellent
touch screen. So why can't I trade in my old Kindle
2? Because I will lose all my books. It is a
phenomenon called lock-in, and you should understand
it well before you make your next gadget purchase.

Sony's PlayStation Store Back Online

Great news! The Sony PlayStation Network is back
online. Hacks happen all the time, but the PSN
network has been down for almost two months, causing
not just embarrassment but a substantial loss of
revenue. Find out what Sony is doing to make it up
to members. Here's a hint, it includes some
identity theft protection.

That's What's New Now for today. Lance will be back on Monday.

Dan Costa
Executive Editor
Twitter: @dancosta

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