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June 02, 2011


1. 'The World According to Paris': Can Paris Hilton Regain Reality-T.V. Fame?
Paris Hilton's new reality series premiered on Oxygen last night, under the premise that, "Paris Hilton is getting real with us and it's #NotWhatUThink." Skeptical already? NewsFeed doesn't blame you. The World According to Paris aims to give viewers a glimpse of the real girl behind the glamour, but reviewers claim the show does just [...]

2. 'The World According to Paris': Can Paris Hilton Regain Reality-T.V. Fame?
In the face of disaster, some of the most critical rescuers have four legs. In 1995, retired schoolteacher Wilma Melville and Murphy, her FEMA-certified search dog, were deployed to the site of the Oklahoma City bombing to aid in the critical search and rescue mission. Alongside six other canine teams, Melville and Murphy combed through [...]

3. Airlines Take In $22 Billion from Add-On Fees and Partnerships
Revenue from add-on fees and partnerships with hotels and credit cards jumped 38% in 2010 for 47 of the world's biggest airlines. Yes, airlines are hurting because of increasing fuel prices and issues involving sleeping air traffic controllers, but a study (PDF) by Wisconsin-based IdeaWorks reveals that they're making up for it in other ways. [...]

4. National Spelling Bee: Scenes from the Semi-Finals
Just up the street from the National Harbor in Maryland, America's fiercest young spellers are battling for the honor of being the country's top letter-wielder. NewsFeed filed a dispatch from the semi-finals. On an elaborate stage covered in honeycomb-shaped patterns, kids from across the States sit together and wait for their turn at the microphone. [...]

5. Astonishing Videos: Tornado Touches Down in Springfield, Mass.
Tornadoes hit Springfield, Mass. Wednesday, leaving 4 people dead. The above video, from CNN, shows the ominous storm cloud grabbing Connecticut River water and causing it to rise 100 feet. Take a look at four other videos that capture the astonishing power of yesterday's storm. (PHOTOS: Devastating April 2011 Tornadoes Rip Southern States) In this [...]

6. From the Archives: TIME Covers the AIDS Epidemic
AIDS was first reported in June of 1981, and was named and officially defined within a year. Today, nearly 30 million people have been killed by AIDS. To mark the 30th anniversary of the disease, take a look at TIME's seven cover stories about the epidemic.

7. Reading While Eating for June 2: Crazy Characters
Today's links showcase strange people. (No offense.) Action Figures: Watch a stop-motion encounter between a toy figure of Michael Jackson and a toy figure of Mr. Bean. (Oh Have You Seen This) Big Mac Cats: Check out this mesmerizing McCat animation. (The Animal Blog) Friend the Fetus: This unborn baby has nearly 300 Facebook friends. [...]

8. Stanley Cup Finals, Game 1: One Bite, One Goal
For two teams with little history together, the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins sure looked like bitter rivals Wednesday in Game 1 of the NHL's Stanley Cup Finals. They had the pushing, shoving and bitingâ€"yeah, grown men still bite each otherâ€"to prove it. The game itself featured a slew of impressive saves from the goalies [...]

9. Watch: Reporter Rescues Woman from Arkansas Floodwaters
In Georgetown, Ark., KARK 4 News reporter Adam Rodriguez spotted an SUV drowning in floodwater and jumped into action to rescue the driver. Both the driver and the reporter were pulled on a rope to the shallow waters and were taken to safe grounds in a police car. The footage of the rescue, captured by [...]

10. Unborn Child Racks Up More Than 260 Facebook Friends
If you're a Facebook user of a certain age, your news feed is undoubtedly clogged with ultrasound photos from parents-to-be you haven't seen for years. The traditional grainy ultrasound is somewhat acceptable as a profile pic, but incessant updates about every kick and bout with morning sickness can take it too far. (PHOTOS: Around the [...]


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