Thursday, June 2, 2011

'Top Chef Masters' Recap | First Look at Smith Canteen


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What to Eat

Props to Pops at Marc Forgione

The chef cooks up a Father's Day tribute to his dad.


The Meatpacking Gets a ‘Dive-Bar-Inspired Lounge’

With an on-site tattoo parlor!

Quote of the Day

Apparently Park Slope Only Has Four Types of Restaurants

One subletter in the hood is pretty pissed.


Lots O’ Lobstah Is the Latest Roll to Claw Its Way Onto the Scene

Plus: Luke's Lobster opens in the financial district tomorrow.


Now This Is How You Sell an Adult Beverage

Dallas BBQ's Blue Crush is "intoxicating." It really is.


Hugh Jackman: ‘I’ve Always Been a Foodie’

"It's, like, people in Hollywood are finally eating! Who isn't a foodie these days?"


First Look at Smith Canteen, Seersucker’s Takeout-Shop Offshoot

Long Island duck confit bánh mì and roasted turkey on an “everything” croissant.


Top Chef Masters Recap: Flunking Out

Padma eating out of a petri dish is something that could only occur on a show of this caliber.


St. Anselm to Reopen with Beer, Wine, and a New Grill

And a whole new menu.


Ever-Diplomatic, Jean-Georges Will Let the People Decide the Name of His New Restaurant

"We're going to put it out there for Chicago to choose a new name. It's going to be online soon — the contest."

City Life

Working in a Korean Grocery Store Is Such a ‘First-Generation Job’

And other reasons Korean-owned stores are dwindling.


Seniors Slugging Energy Drinks; ‘Use-by’ Dates Kind of a Scam

Plus: 'Daily News' gets outdoor drinking picks from "writers," caffeine might prevent pregnancy, and more, in our morning news roundup.


Mexicue Will Open Restaurants in Chelsea and Chinatown

One of them opens this summer.

Neighborhood Watch

Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop Shuttered Again; Breukelen Bier Merchants Celebrates Grand Opening

Plus: a 24-hour Latin diner in Chelsea, and more, in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.


Doing Mom Proud

His mom is the only critic he cares about.


First Look at Duo, Bringing the Bling to NoMad

Chandeliers and Swarovski crystals!

Booze News

Sazon and What Happens When Are Fighting for Their Right to Party

Plus: Waiters sue the owners of Gabriela's on the Upper West Side.

The Great Outdoors

Grab a Sidewalk Seat at the Randolph

The bar has rolled out its outdoor area.


Il Piccolo Bufalo Keeps It Classy With Michelangelo’s David

A big improvement over that giant dog that was hanging over the door.



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