Monday, June 6, 2011


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June 06, 2011


1. A Breast Cancer Treatment Works as Prevention Too
Millions of women at higher-than-usual risk of breast cancer have a new option for preventing the disease. Pfizer Inc.'s Aromasin cut the risk of developing breast cancer by more than half, without the side effects that have curbed enthusiasm for [...]

2. The Good Daughter: Cate Edwards Stands By Her Indicted Father
Parents are embarrassing. It's part of our job description. We wear the wrong clothes or talk too loudly or just breathe. Yet it could always be worse: as if it weren't bad enough that former presidential hopeful and U.S. Senator John [...]

3. Studies: Two New Drugs Improve Skin Cancer Survival
They're not cures, but two novel drugs produced unprecedented gains in survival in separate studies of people with melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, doctors reported Sunday. In one study, an experimental drug showed so much benefit so quickly [...]

4. Screening for Ovarian Cancer Doesn't Increase Women's Survival
In general, getting screened for cancer seems like the responsible thing to do, since preventing the disease is always better than treating it once it takes hold. But the latest research shows that screening women for ovarian cancer does not [...]

5. Dr. Jack Kevorkian, Champion of Patients' Right to Die, Dies at 83

6. Mind Reading: When You Go Hunting for Psychopaths, They Turn Up Everywhere
Psychologist Robert Hare's Psychopathy Checklist is the most widely used diagnostic tool to identify psychopathy â€" not only in prisons and institutions. If you give the test to CEOs or other corporate executives, Hare says, a lot of them qualify. [...]

7. Is Brain Cancer Stalking Major League Baseball?
Follow major League Baseball and you expect to read about a lot of guys suffering physical problems â€" blown elbows, torn rotator cuffs, wrecked knees. What you don't expect to read about are brain tumors. But tumors, sadly, have been [...]

8. Three Possible Cases of E. Coli Illness in U.S.
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced on Thursday that it is investigating three suspected cases E. coli infection related to the outbreak in Germany. All three people have recently traveled to Hamburg. German health officials are [...]

9. Should Men Be Allowed to Father Children After They're Dead?
innovations mean that all sorts of people who would not have been able to have a baby a generation ago are now able to bring life into the world. Now, some are arguing the ranks of the newly fertile [...]

10. Watch Out for the Cows. They Might Be Carrying a New Strain of MRSA


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