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June 01, 2011


1. Watch: Adorable Rap Trio Makes It to Vegas on 'America's Got Talent'
One day, they were listening to the wadio and started wapping. That's the origin story for the hottest new rap group, the SH'Boss Boys, featuring Young J (age 6), Tobias (age 7) and Little Jeff (age 5). They rap about education, and about how they're true "G"s â€" in this case, meaning geniuses. And if [...]

2. Watch: Adorable Rap Trio Makes It to Vegas on 'America's Got Talent'
In a shocking twist of events, it is now June. And you didn't even get a chance to watch all those funny Internet videos! Don't worry â€" we're here for you. Check out the five viral videos that defined the month of May, whether they were about bin Laden or stared Michael Bolton. You might [...]

3. Mid-Air Smackdown: Brawl Over Reclined Seat Diverts United Flight
It's happened to all of us: the person in front of you on a flight reclines into your lap, leaving you immobilized. One passenger aboard a United Airlines flight on Sunday took matters into his own hands â€" well one hand â€" smacking the offender in front of him and causing the flight to be [...]

4. Attorney General Eric Holder Demands A New Season of 'The Wire'
Maybe he's just a fan, or maybe he considers it more documentary than fiction, but Attorney General Eric Holder stopped just short of ordering the creators of the hit HBO series The Wire from doing another season or a movie. Three actors from the show, Wendell Pierce ("Bunk"), Sonja Sohn ("Kima") and Jim True-Frost ("Prez") [...]

5. Is It Hot Outside? You Might Be More Likely to Believe in Global Warming
A study recently published in Psychological Science suggests that daily weather dictates climate change opinion, indicating that "irrelevant environmental information, such as the current weather, can affect judgments." Researchers from the Columbia University Center for Decision Sciences asked residents in the United States and Australia to detail their climate change opinions and report whether the [...]

6. Jim Tressel's Not-So-Proud Predecessors: Nine College Sports Scandals Through History
What are a few free tattoosâ€"and maybe a few free carsâ€"in the grand scheme of college sports scandals? Well, not a lot, it turns out.

7. Agency: Japan Underestimated Tsunami Risk at Fukushima Plant
The International Atomic Energy Agency has released a preliminary report of its review of Japan's handling of its nuclear crisis, concluding that regulators and Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) underestimated the risk a severe tsunami posed to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. (via Ecocentric) The UN agency also noted that the plant's backup power [...]

8. Reading While Eating for June 1: Songs and Surprises
Today's links let you sing along and expand your imagination. Quenching World Thirst: Can we transport Arctic icebergs? (Fast Company) Gaga Gone Electric: Hear a Tesla coil version of "Poker Face." Warning: it's not so easy on the ears. (Gizmodo) The Future of Transportation: Watch this man fly to 5,000 feet via jet pack. (Wired) [...]

9. NBA Finals: Three Things We Learned From Game 1
One game into the 2011 NBA Finals, and we can surely wonder: will Miami's roll ever end this post-season? The Heat beat Dallas Tuesday night, 92-84, to win its ninth straight home playoff game, and fifth straight playoff game overall. Game 1 wasn't the most artistic effort â€" for example, the first quarter score, 17-16 [...]

10. North Korea: One of the Happiest Places on Earth?
According to a global happiness index released in North Korea, the country and its allies are the most cheerful countries in the world. Naturally, the “American Empire” strikes Pyongyang as just plain sad. Shanghaiist reports that North Korea's Chosun Central Television recently came out with a happiness index compiled by local researchers. Their findings? China is [...]


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